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Everyone's favorite trash. by Pastel--ink
Everyone's favorite trash.
9th division 3rd seat. mostly a jerk that likes to work out. likes birds. says "bro" too much. 

uhhhh tbh this guy is kind of what's left of the ghostly memory that is Kozue, if anyone remembers him (my older watchers might), but honestly the only thing thats left is the dumb green hair that comes with that unfortunate namesake. At least it's funny. 

HAD a rp blog for him like a year ago, deleted it, now i'm bringing it back, because i miss having him insult literally everyone. I'm always tempted to leave really cryptic descriptions here but i figure you'd like context. 
Multiple Mikis by Pastel--ink
Multiple Mikis
Uuuhhhhh....i sketched this and put it on my tumblr but w/e i'll put it here too??? 

Left would be her around turn back the pendulum, a 7th seat in the 5th division. 

Center is Miki straight out of the academy, a brand new unseated officer in the 5th some 270 odd years ago.

Right is Miki as a child, probably when her mother was still around. 

sometimes i act like im active on here
Bloody knuckles by Pastel--ink
Bloody knuckles
His abs are out of control tbqh. Thought I'd post up the unedited version of this, because why not?

This is Jun Fujita, a Bleach OC of mine who I don't think i've ever mentioned him before here. He's the 5th seat of the 13th division. Currently likes naps more than paperwork, can be easily bribed with BBQ. 6'5" and looks like a thug but is actually a super sensitive baby. Has a love hate relationship with his zanpakuto. No his hair is not dyed. 

anyways yea thats him in all his ab-y glory, prrrrrroooooooooooobably won't put a bio up for him here because that's work. BUT, if you're curious his RP blog is here:

dont be fooled by the pic hes a giant dork 
Say it isn't so! 

Ah, I know I'm kind of this ghostly drifting figure here unlike as I used to be, and it's clear I maybe only post a drawing every 3 or 4 months, but I do sort of miss just, drawing lots and even now people still seem to ask me about them. I'll have the whole month of May to do plenty of drawing, and I figure, why not do a few commissions, I had fun drawing other people's characters. I haven't done that in a long time. I'll have to adjust my prices a bit but it'll be easy peasy. Choices might be a little more limited than they used to, but I'm flexible. 

It's just a thought of mine (at 12:25 am haha) that seemed like a good idea. If there is a handful of you that are interested, please let me know although I won't be putting anything into effect until the end of April. I'll be more inclined to open it up if enough people tell me that they'd be interested in something. 

Newest stuff in gallery is still a little old, 3-6 months old, but I'll have a couple examples out possibly before that so you can have an idea of what you'll be getting. 

Anyways, that's all for now! ovo)/ 

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