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sometimes i act like im active on here
Bloody knuckles by Pastel--ink
Bloody knuckles
His abs are out of control tbqh. Thought I'd post up the unedited version of this, because why not?

This is Jun Fujita, a Bleach OC of mine who I don't think i've ever mentioned him before here. He's the 5th seat of the 13th division. Currently likes naps more than paperwork, can be easily bribed with BBQ. 6'5" and looks like a thug but is actually a super sensitive baby. Has a love hate relationship with his zanpakuto. No his hair is not dyed. 

anyways yea thats him in all his ab-y glory, prrrrrroooooooooooobably won't put a bio up for him here because that's work. BUT, if you're curious his RP blog is here:

dont be fooled by the pic hes a giant dork 
Say it isn't so! 

Ah, I know I'm kind of this ghostly drifting figure here unlike as I used to be, and it's clear I maybe only post a drawing every 3 or 4 months, but I do sort of miss just, drawing lots and even now people still seem to ask me about them. I'll have the whole month of May to do plenty of drawing, and I figure, why not do a few commissions, I had fun drawing other people's characters. I haven't done that in a long time. I'll have to adjust my prices a bit but it'll be easy peasy. Choices might be a little more limited than they used to, but I'm flexible. 

It's just a thought of mine (at 12:25 am haha) that seemed like a good idea. If there is a handful of you that are interested, please let me know although I won't be putting anything into effect until the end of April. I'll be more inclined to open it up if enough people tell me that they'd be interested in something. 

Newest stuff in gallery is still a little old, 3-6 months old, but I'll have a couple examples out possibly before that so you can have an idea of what you'll be getting. 

Anyways, that's all for now! ovo)/ 
Name: Miki Fuyuno (美貴冬野)

Age: 324 but appears to be about mid twenties.

Gender: Female

Race: Shinigami

Position: 8th Division Captain

Birthday: December 3rd

Height: 147 Cm (4’9” )

Weight: 45 Kg (100 lbs)

Eyes: Violet, large with long lashes

Hair: Light blonde, side swept bangs, length is to her mid back

Build: Hourglass shaped, with a large bust and a strong base with wider hips and legs. Bust, 32DD.

On the surface, Miki is cheerful, friendly and kind. Whilst working she operates herself in a cordial and soft spoken manner, treating her officers with kindness and encouragement. She operates with a sort of gentle firmness, and while small and unassuming, won’t take back talk from those who work under her. Albeit small, she can stand her ground with an unbelievable amount of stubbornness if she believes it is right. She cares deeply for those whom she loves, and looks over those with motherly penchants, insisting that her officers and friends are well fed and happy.

While being able to remain stable in the face of stress, Miki is a particularly emotional person, often getting caught up in her own and other’s emotions. She in no way attempts to hide her emotions but at the same time seeing her in an extremely emotional state is reserved to those who she is closest to. Because of this she’s not only in tune with her emotions but others, giving her a reliable sense of empathy and the ability to sense what someone is really feeling (although this is easier the better she knows someone). She tends to internalize things (actions towards others or words directed to her) to the point where it might cause her stress and anxiety if she dwells on what should have or could have happened.

Rarely does she ever have ill intentions, but she does have an inclination to be particularly snarky if prompted, mostly if an individual is rude to her on multiple occasions.  She is not easy to make angry, despite her other ease of displaying emotions nor does she yell often. Never out right violent she can have somewhat passive aggressive tendencies when angered. Usually, if someone is rude or she finds someone repugnant in any way, the first few times she will be cordial and kind. If the person continues with the same behavior, despite her kindness or polite tips for proper behaviour, she can actually get quite snappy. Miki isn’t usually one to resort to violence when it comes to her subordinates aside from the occasional whack on the head with a soft folder of papers. Enemies on the other hand, if angered enough, will not be reserved the same courtesy and she will not hesitate to lash out at whatever made her angry, especially if others she deems close to are involved. One easy way to anger her is to constantly disrespect her regardless of her position of power and doubt her abilities based on her appearance and personality. She can also get a bit skeptical and wary of peoples words, due to her naturally more gullible personality.

Miki in no way is stupid, on the contrary is quite intelligent, but displays a sort of naive attitude. Unless emotionally vested in the task before her she can be a bit of a poor listener, often missing details if distracted.  Often she forgets little things or misses small details if tasks are not carried out as soon as they are given, which causes her to jump around from job to job in order to finish things all at once. It ends up being counterproductive though, as starting several assignments at once can cause her to leave out details and make it look like she rushes through her work. This becomes more of a problem with menial tasks or things she doesn’t particularly enjoy. It can be discouraging for her, when faced with work that takes a great deal of encouragement (or nagging) to finish. The work that comes with the position of captain is challenging for her, having to put extra effort into focusing so that she may meet what is required for her. Despite the difficulties she faces she’s very dedicated to upholding the standards of captaincy, and is willing to do all that she can to be regarded as a valuable member to the Gotei 13.

With things she loves she tends to do the opposite, hyper-focusing to the point where she might not realize what’s going on around her. This is where her love of plants really comes into play, because she pours all her free time and resources into learning and honing her skills. Countless books have been read and practiced, that line the walls of her home, which translates to the vast and varied species of plants grown in her division’s garden and greenhouse. Miki is extremely knowledgeable in this subject growing many rare or cross bred species. With all her botany knowledge she runs a “apothecary” of sorts, lending medicinal herbs to the 4th or poisons to the 2nd (the 12th seems to regard her plant based poisons trash, even in their purest forms), as well as teas, perfumes, potpourris and essential oils from the more fragrant of her flowers.

Miki can have a particularly blunt side of her that either bodes well for her as a captain or bite her in the rear. Because of her caring attitude she tries to put things in the softest way possible, but holds the opinion that sugar coating things and beating around the bush serves no benefit in the end, even if it makes someone feel better for just a moment which can lead her to scolding people and telling them exactly what she thinks.  Not thinking before she speaks can lead her to be perceived as rude by some but she stands by the opinion that hiding the truth usually isn’t good for anything.

Overtly friendly, Miki will always make time to chat, even if her (or others) don’t exactly have the time. She enjoys conversation with just about anyone, and often has a topic of conversation up her sleeve. By nature she is a complete attention seeker, reveling in being with others. Even though, she doesn’t seek the attention of just anybody, and does not go to great lengths to garner the attention of those she deems not close. Instead she feeds off the attention to those who she is in a close relationship whether it be a friend or a lover. Many would deem this as being “needy” which isn’t that far of a stretch to describe her, except she is fairly independent of her own needs, just likes being in proximity to those who she enjoys being with often.  Miki can get a bit clingy, figuratively and literally, and has a mild fear of losing those who she loves. It can cause her to be a bit nosey and meddling, often pushing for information one might not feel comfortable divulging.  She is completely invested in her personal relationships, to the point where she hurts when those she loves are hurting or she will completely dwell on feelings of shame if she ever hurt someone she loved. Because of a near constant worry of losing others she can get a bit defensive and over protective and it doesn’t sit easy with her lounging around and doing nothing. The whole reason she became and shingami and captain was to protect the ones she loves. The need to protect is now extended to the whole soul society, now that she has become a captain. Miki would not rest easy knowing her officers died before she did all she could to protect them.

Miki does have a propensity to be quite fickle at times, making her appear indecisive and not knowing what she wants. She may cling to something one moment and push it away in another.  Not particularly cocky, Miki tries to not be too boastful about most things, as being a little too vocal about one’s accomplishments is a quality Miki dislikes. Still, she can’t help but feel a great deal of pride in her garden and there is no denying that her knowledge in that area is most likely wider than anyone else’s.  She also finds it hard to not fluff up her feathers so to speak, if anyone informs her of their own botany knowledge, or tries to tell her things she may already know, she can sort of subtly try to out do the other not wanting to be outshone by something that is her very essence.

Many might describe Miki as “innocent” which couples well with her sometimes naïve (despite unintentional) and gullible behaviors is actually a complete façade. Miki is actually the complete opposite of innocent it’s just a part of her that she hides very well to except those who are her romantic partners. It can be a bit of a shock when it turns out she actually has a libido that runs around the clock and knows exactly what she wants out of sex, because many expect her to be the cute, doe eyed romantic she makes people believe. She uses this to her advantage occasionally, whether to seduce or just get what she wants in that moment if someone is being stubborn. She is not above “accidentally” showing cleavage or something similar if it gives her the upper hand.

Miki has a fascination with the living world and will go there on any chance she gets (which is not very often, since usually when she is there it is on formal business and obviously doesn’t have time to fool around). She finds it incredibly interesting and particularly loves the food and activities you can do there. Television is particularly interesting to her having never seen anything like it before going to the living world. She has a weak spot for comedy shows and cute magical girl anime. Miki can get so interested in things to the point that she can forget or ignore the people she came with because she gets so immersed in what she is doing.

By definition she is a complete gourmand, someone who takes great joy in food and eating. Naturally, Miki has to eat an extremely large amount of food to fuel her reiryoku but she finds enjoyment in the fact that she can eat a ludicrous amount of food because she just loves eating. She’s not picky either, finding joy in fruits, vegetables, meats, breads and sweets. Because of these reasons she’s almost always snacking or at least has something close at hand. It’s no surprise if you find her sleeves or the inner pockets of her haori and hakama stuffed with fruit, nuts, and other sorts of sweets for her to eat throughout the day.

Miki was born in District 1, Junrinan in the Rukongai to Tsubomi Fuyuno, in what would have been the early Edo period in ancient Japan. Her mother was among some of the first geishas in Japan to be officially called geishas and have special training for their line of work. In her time, Miki’s mother was a fairly popular geisha and entertained many with her graceful dancing and engaging conversation. Unfortunately, Tsubomi became illegitimately pregnant from her Danna, which was always a possibility. Tsubomi had always been small and somewhat frail. During her childhood she got sick often and unluckily died during the duration of the pregnancy. Therefore, Tsubomi arrived in the soul society pregnant and Miki was born there. Not too long after arriving in the soul society Tsubomi developed a relationship with Riko Asuka, an older woman who owned a flower shop near the edge of Junrinan. She took Tsubomi in and Miki was born shortly after. Miki and Riko have a Granddaughter Grandmother sort of relationship and Miki calls Riko her Grandmother, even though they’re not related.

During childhood Miki was cheerful and caring but somewhat shy. She was eager in helping her mother and grandmother in the shop. This is where Miki’s love for flowers began. She loved helping Riko grow the flowers and then arrange them into beautiful bouquets for the customers. Miki thought her mother was the most graceful and beautiful woman in the whole district. Tsubomi had no memory of her geisha times but still had that charming, graceful air of a geisha and Miki wanted to be just like her. Miki was a relatively normal child like most children of Rukongai and she fit in, despite being a little awkward. Miki did begin to show signs of having spiritual power at a young age and could do things that she sometimes couldn’t explain to the other children.

When Miki was still a young child her mother died rather abruptly of some unknown sickness but had previously she had been looking less than healthy. Riko had been picking up on this but Tsubomi did not tell Miki as to not worry her. Tsubomi’s death devastated Miki. Riko was very comforting and over time Miki decided wanted to do something that would have made her mother proud. She wanted to be strong to be able to protect the ones she loved so she wouldn’t have to lose anyone ever again. She wasn’t sure how exactly she was going to do that but finally came on the decision to enrol in the Shino Academy after seeing shinigami come through her area of the Rukongai to stop a hollow. Their fearlessness and bravery inspired her and training at the Shino Academy was exactly the strength she was seeking. Riko, Miki’s grandmother fully supported Miki in her decision to train in the Shino Academy. Currently the two are still very close and Riko is quite proud of what her granddaughter has become.

Miki found out that she had quite a talent for some of the subjects but found some very difficult. Hakuda and in the beginning; zanjutsu. Miki had no prior knowledge of fighting, as she did not live in a particularly crime ridden district. Her first few years she dreaded going to Hakuda practices as she would constantly get knocked down and laughed at or called a weakling. This upset Miki but after a teacher told her she shouldn’t sit around and cry but use her weakness as motivation to get stronger to prove others wrong. She would often train by herself after hours to build her strength. Miki really took this to heart and now still is always trying to prove others wrong.

Miki showed promise in shunpo; so much that Miki now can call herself a master. Miki only gained mastery in these techniques through many years of hard work, training, and studying. Although being proficient in most techniques at the time of graduation Miki almost did not graduate from the academy on account of her poor hand to hand skills. Even though she had improved but still really wasn’t cut out for it. Even now Miki is only considered a Hakuda Practitioner. Originally Miki had intended on joining the 4th division, I hopes of healing others. But instead decided on the 5th division as she admired what they stood for as well as its gentle atmosphere, despite the sometimes odd antics of the then captain, Shinji Hirako. It seemed that every member got along well with one another.

Miki adjusted to life in the 5th division well. It was only until she became a shinigami and part of division 5 where Miki realized had to show some hard work and determination if she wanted to excel in the gotei 13 as she only entered the gotei as an unseated member. The structured ranks were very different from what she had experienced in the academy. Even with her taichou’s eccentricities, she came to love being in the division.  Eventually she bumped herself up to 12th seat, and learned to release her shikai, which was a plant type much to her delight. Miki was sad to learn about the disappearance of her captain 110 odd years ago, but refused to let it damper her spirit in becoming a stronger shinigami. Her hard work paid off, as she eventually rose to the 3rd seat, something she honestly never thought she’d surpass. The rise of Aizen to captain was well accepted by the division and at the time, Miki herself. Aizen appeared kind and caring of all of his subordinates so when he betrayed the soul society it came as a devastating shock. Once again, her division had lost another captain.

20 years ago from the current timeline Miki perfected her bankai.It took Miki many, many, years to acquire bankai and then perfect it and as such she is very proud of her power. Most assume because of her zanpakuto she’s got some dainty, flimsy power, so she loves proving those people wrong. When Miki was recommended and offered the spot of 8th division captain after Shunsui Kyouraku was promoted to Captain Commander she couldn’t believe she was even considered. The leadership of a captain was a big step from a 3rd seat. Even then, Miki was willing to take on the challenge, even in the middle of war. Miki is new to her post and is still learning the ropes of how to lead a division, but is trying the best she can, because she wants to protect the soul society with all her heart.  


Zanjutsu Master: before one can even think about reaching the position of captain they must have mastered swordsmanship above all else. “All Shinigami Captains are masters, since as the heads of their divisions; they are the true military power of Soul Society.” Zanjutsu is Miki’s main form of combat and something she feels most comfortable using. Mastery took Miki many years of determination and training almost every day. Although Miki is a master rank zanjutsu user her hits may not pack a strong of a punch as other lower ranking shinigami due to the fact of her small size and little strength. Miki uses her speed and fine-tuned technique to gain the upper hand.

Shunpo Master: To make up for her low physical strength and lack of close range combat Miki’s speed is of utmost importance for her to have the upper hand in a fight. Being the small and flighty size she is gives her an upper hand on gaining extreme speeds. She is capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time while only using the least amount of steps to achieve said movements.

Kido Expert: Miki has a very firm grasp and knowledge of many hado, and is probably just shy of a master in this area. She can perform a few high ranked spells. Miki has a good memory for memorizing incantations which allows her to remember a high number of kido and utilize them at their highest power as performing a kido without reciting an incantation decreases the power. Miki seems to not do as well with Bakudo. Miki is constantly coming up with new ways to incorporate kido into her fighting and shikai.

Immense spiritual pressure: Miki has fine control over her spiritual power. Miki is able to be as powerful as she is because of her high spiritual pressure. Miki uses her spiritual power to enhance her abilities during combat as well as having the ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level. Miki’s high level of spiritual power is essential for her bankai to be completely effective and last long enough in combat. When released Miki’s reiatsu is a violet colour.

Fighting style: Miki has a rather smooth and graceful fighting style. Her objective is to make it hard to predict what she might do next. She will flit around and is known to not stay in one spot too long. Miki has very good mobility. Her acrobatics, flexibility and incredible speed make her difficult to hit. She doesn’t let herself get too close to her opponent on the chance that they may get a hit in which greatly decreases her fighting power as Miki cannot take a lot of hits. Her zanpakuto provides her with doing best with mid to far range combat.


Kitsunehana (Fox Flower) (きつね花)

In sealed state Miki’s zanpakuto is a regular sized katana. It has a wooden sword guard with carved flowers in its sealed state and a wrapped purple handle. When released her tsuba turns into a gold petaled flower, and handle is wrapped in red ribbon which hangs down and has charms at the end during shikai. Her zanpakuto is classified as a flower and plant type and is considered one of the more uncommon zanpakuto types in the soul society.

Kitsunehana lacks in defensive measures and is best used at long distance offensive although it can offer some protection with practice.  Miki’s inner zanpakuto world, where kitsunehana resides is endless rolling fields of Cosmos flowers.

Spirit Information:

Appearance: In spirit form Kitsunehana is a small fennec fox. She is mostly white/cream coloured except her ears, tail, and hind legs sprout leaves and flowers. In her more human form Kitsunehana appears as a small woman with long wavy cream hair that splits off in two directions with brown eyes. She wears a red Susohiki, a long kind of kimono which trials behind the user. It is accented in floral patterns. She has a large cluster of cosmos below her left ear. In physical form Kitusnehana still has her ears and tail.

Personality: Compared to Miki, Kitsunehana is much more calm, collected, and a clear thinker. She likes to take the time to think about consequences of things which results in her and Miki butting heads about who has the best decision. She is much more soft spoken than Miki and gives off an air of superiority that can tick Miki off. Kitsunehana is formal and polite but still will speak her mind, regardless of what Miki thinks. Still, Kitsunehana and Miki usually get along.

Innerworld:Kitsunehana’s inner world is vast. Long rolling hills of cosmos flowers stretch as far as the eye can see. There is always a constant breeze which rustles the flowers.  

Relationship with wielder: Miki and Kitsunehana have a very good relationship. Kitsunehana is almost like a family member to Miki and is an important teammate. While the two occasionally disagree or butt heads because of their honest personalities they understand each other’s intentions and speak often.


Shikai: Kitsunehana’s shikai command is “Mankai, Kitsunehana” (満開,きつね花 Full Bloom,Kitsunehana)  

Upon command Miki’s shikai allows her to fully control four very large cosmos When these flowers are burst into petals they are as sharp as her own sword blade. She may combine them into a cloud or use them separately. When desired the blossoms can also act like homing missiles. If they stick to the opponent they can explode. The stems of the anemones are useful for immobilizing an opponent; if they ever get cut, they’ll grow back, although there might be a limit on how much it can grow back.  

Blossom impact: The four flowers surround the enemy trapping them. Miki creates four projections of herself, attacking the enemy with thousands of quick strikes and ultimately controlling the opponent from the inside.


When released into bankai Miki’s zanpakuto becomes “Kaika Kuchikukan Kitsunehana” (開化 駆逐艦 きつね花. blooming destroyer).  

Miki’s zanpakuto turns into a French style rapier with a blade made purely out of her own highly concentrated reiatsu. It is sharper than any other regular blade and is known to cut through solid matter such as rocks or even other swords. Having a reiatsu blade is physically taxing and even now Miki cannot use her bankai for long drawn out periods.

Reiatsu beam: Miki rapidly fires beams of reiatsu from her zanpakuto to deal damage to the opponent. Must use her own Reiatsu.

Reiatsu solution: A step up from Miki’s reiatsu beam, Miki breaks off several pieces of reiatsu from her blade, concentrating it further so it acts like a bullet. Miki rapidly fires these bullets but the attack allows her to split herself into spiritual energy to hit the opponent herself. Miki will then reform on the other side of who she is fighting. Must use her own reiatsu, can only be used once safely.

Dark seed: A special pollen is emitted from a small reiatsu seed which is produced from her zanpakuto. If breathed in the pollen causes a plant to grow within the host from the inside out. The pollen is invisible and nearly undetectable which makes it one of Kitsunehana’s greatest attacks. On the downside, it takes a while for the plant to grow and a fight can potentially end before the plant can destroy the enemy. It will continue to grow though.
Bleach OC Bio: Miki Fuyuno
rises from the ashes

because i'm 95% sure the bio you can find already on my page originated from like 2011. Hah. (except its only a memory now).

Doesn't give enough fucks to describe appearance

i will give 10$ to whoever can come up with better bankai attacks because the ones i have are literally 5 years old i just cant come up with anything better

if you didnt read the whole thing i actually dont blame you because its 4,000 odd words and printed out in 11 point font it would be 10 pages. 

posts a new one of these here because ??????????????????????????????????
death has never looked so cute by Pastel--ink
death has never looked so cute
This isn't even new I just never remembered to post it. 

her sleeves are so fat because there's snacks in there. 
Say it isn't so! 

Ah, I know I'm kind of this ghostly drifting figure here unlike as I used to be, and it's clear I maybe only post a drawing every 3 or 4 months, but I do sort of miss just, drawing lots and even now people still seem to ask me about them. I'll have the whole month of May to do plenty of drawing, and I figure, why not do a few commissions, I had fun drawing other people's characters. I haven't done that in a long time. I'll have to adjust my prices a bit but it'll be easy peasy. Choices might be a little more limited than they used to, but I'm flexible. 

It's just a thought of mine (at 12:25 am haha) that seemed like a good idea. If there is a handful of you that are interested, please let me know although I won't be putting anything into effect until the end of April. I'll be more inclined to open it up if enough people tell me that they'd be interested in something. 

Newest stuff in gallery is still a little old, 3-6 months old, but I'll have a couple examples out possibly before that so you can have an idea of what you'll be getting. 

Anyways, that's all for now! ovo)/ 

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