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January 12, 2013
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(Please note that this character resides in an alternate universe with a separate gotei and story so as not to interfere with canon characters and canon story line.)

Name: Miki Fuyuno.
Age: 300's but appears to be in her early twenties.
Birthday: December 3rd
Sex: Female.
Position: 5th Division Captain.
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 118 lbs

Appearance: At first glance you can notice that Miki is quite short, only standing at a mere four foot ten inches. She has a round and somewhat childish faced which causes her to put extra effort into looking less juvenile. Her eyes are on the large side and are a shade of violet. Despite her height and young face Miki does have a curvy figure with larger hips, strong base and a large bust. She's prone to chubbiness and therefore must watch what she eats and exercise regularly. Miki prefers to cover up and opts for things with longer sleeves and billowing fabrics. She does find her large bust to be somewhat cumbersome and will often bind them for combat and training situations. Miki appears to be fairly unassuming as she does not look and is not very physically strong.

Miki has long platinum blonde hair. Naturally her hair flips upwards which she finds to be unmanageable (and also gets in the way in fights but will put it in a ponytail during combat) so she gathers it in a low ponytail just near the ends of her hair with a red thick satin string so they don’t stick out. Her bangs sweep to the side and she pins the long pieces on the side of her face loosely on the back of her head. Miki is rarely seen without the string in her hair as she holds it very close to her heart. Miki has fair skin with pink undertones.

Being captain gives Miki the option to slightly modify her outfit. She does a bit but prefers to keep things simple and within the assigned uniform. Her clothing is mostly the standard shinigami garb; but instead she has replaced the plain white sash for a long red sash that wraps around her waist and ties as big bow in the front. The sleeves of her shihakuho are tight to the arm, cover about half her hand and has thumb holes. Her haori is a regular long sleeved one. As a replacement for sandals she wears red satin flats.

Personality: Miki's initial personality is friendly and optimistic, she always tries to cheer up those who are down. She is usually cheerful and friendly and therefore usually has a smile on her face.  Her personality is one where it is usually easy to tell how she feels. She has little talent in hiding her emotions and is also rather reactive. It is not difficult to get a rouse out of her. All things considered Miki is quite in tune with her emotions as well as others. Over the years Miki has gotten good at figuring out what others are feeling. It works in her favor as sometimes she has to do damage control after things she has said as well as being close to a few individuals who are quite closed off. Despite the fact that Miki has an outgoing personality she is quite shy in any topic involving love, sex, or romance and gets quite flustered about it. She's gets incredibly embarrassed if people ask her questions about her sex life.  

Even though Miki's intentions are usually good she can be a poor listener. It's not a surprise if she forgets things if she doesn't do it right away or misses small details. Because of this it can make it look like she rushes through her work. This happens more often with things she does not enjoy such as menial and repetitive tasks. When Miki really loves something she will pour all her heart into it and pays close attention. A prime example is her garden and green house which over the years has grown vast. She loves flowers and plants and her division garden started out as a project to work on in her free time or something other squad members could participate in helping with; when other divisions caught wind of her growing prowess they wanted to utilize it. Now, Miki grows many herbs and flowers for hundreds of uses like medicinal ones for the 4th division or lethal poisons for the 2nd. Miki feels most comfortable in an environment in her garden since it's what she knows most about. Her knowledge pertaining to any kind of botany is immense.  Her favorite flower is the Japanese anemone which is reflected greatly in her Zanpakuto.

Although Miki is quite intelligent she is a bit scatter brained and unorganized which causes her to come off as a bit naļve or oblivious at times. She finds it difficult to put in all of her time into one thing if it's something that she isn't particularly interested in. It causes her to get discouraged easily and more often than not needs some kind of encouragement (or nagging) to finish it. Miki sometimes finds the work of a captain difficult and demanding and has to put extra effort to stay focused. Despite the difficulties she faces Miki is very dedicated to the soul society and is willing to uphold to the standards and practices of it. At times she is not completely familiar with detecting sarcasm which doesn't bode all that well. She is known to be gullible, she notices this and this causes her to be a bit wary of what people say.

Miki is a very caring person and always wants to help out in any way she can. Even though she always means well she doesn’t really see how hiding the truth is helping anyone and is particularly blunt. She also has a bad habit of not thinking before she speaks which some people take the wrong way or find it rude, and she can end up with her foot in her mouth. As always, there are consequences with that so Miki constantly tries to keep her words in check. She has a 'what you see is what you get' attitude and doesn't like to beat around the bush. So sometimes she may not see it as harsh in her eyes others may. She tries to put things as nicely as she can but doesn't like to sugar coat.

Miki is very chatty and loves talking to people. She often has stories to tell and loves hearing about other people's experiences or stories. She will almost always have a conversational topic on hand. Some find her chatty-ness delightful where others find it to be annoying. Especially if she does not take into account if the other person is busy. Miki can be somewhat competitive if it is in an area she is confident in, such as acrobatic tumbling. She is talented with it and will challenge someone to a contest if she knows they can tumble as well. She tries not to boast or come off as cocky but she likes to tell others about her accomplishments if the opportunity arises. Miki likes to think that most people are good people and will defend most until they have shown that they are truly not a good person.  

Miki has a fascination with the living world and will go there on any chance she gets (which is not very often, since usually when she is there it is on formal business and obviously doesn’t have time to fool around). She finds it incredibly interesting and particularly loves the food and activities you can do there. Television is particularly interesting to her having never seen anything like it before going to the living world. She has a weak spot for comedy shows and cute magical girl animes. Miki can get so interested in things to the point that she can forget or ignore the people she came with because she gets so immersed in what she is doing. Miki particularly loves anything made with sweet rice flour such as mochi or dango. Her overall most favorite thing to eat is anything that has a predominant coconut flavour.

Because of previous situations Miki has a fear of losing those who are closest to her or dying too soon and leaving others behind. Because of this she can be clingy and a bit nosey. She constantly worries about those that are close to her and often tries to protect them. Miki also has a slight fear of lightning and thunder. They are not connected to anything they just startle her. Most deem it childish but she can't seem to shake the fear. Ironically she has no fear of bugs or spiders, as she comes across a lot in her garden.

History: Miki was born in District 4 of Rukongai to Tsubomi Fuyuno, in what would have been the late Edo period in ancient Japan. Her mother was among some of the first geishas in japan to be officially called geishas. Miki's mother was a fairly popular geisha and entertained many with her graceful dancing and engaging conversation. Unfortunately, Tsubomi became illegitimately pregnant from her Danna, which can happen. Tsubomi had always been small and somewhat frail. During her childhood she got sick often and unluckily died during the duration of the pregnancy. Therefore, Tsubomi arrived in the soul society pregnant and Miki was born there. Not too long after arriving in the soul society Tsubomi developed a relationship with Riko Asuka, an older woman who owned a flower shop near the edge of District 4. She took Tsubomi in and Miki was born shortly after.  Miki and Riko have a Granddaughter Grandmother sort of relationship and Miki calls Riko her Grandmother, even though they’re not related.

During childhood Miki was cheerful and caring but somewhat shy. She was eager in helping her mother and grandmother in the shop. This is where Miki’s love for flowers began. She loved helping Riko grow the flowers and then arrange them into beautiful bouquets for the customers. Miki thought her mother was the most graceful and beautiful woman in the whole district. Tsubomi had no memory of her geisha times but still had that charming, graceful air of a geisha and Miki wanted to be just like her. Miki was a relatively normal child like most children of Rukongai and she fit in, despite being a little awkward. Miki did begin to show signs of having spiritual power at a young age and could do things that she sometimes couldn't explain to the other children.  

When Miki was about 8 her mother died rather abruptly of some unknown sickness but had previously she had been looking less than healthy. Riko had been picking up on this but Tsubomi did not tell Miki as to not worry her. Tsubomi’s death devastated Miki. Riko was very comforting and over time Miki decided wanted to do something that would have made her mother proud. She wanted to be strong to be able to protect the ones she loved so she wouldn't have to lose anyone ever again. She wasn’t sure how exactly she was going to do that but finally came on the decision to enroll in the Shino Academy after seeing shinigami come through her area of the Rukongai to stop a hollow. Their fearlessness and bravery inspired her and training at the Shino Academy was exactly the strength she was seeking. Riko, Miki's grandmother fully supported Miki in her decision to train in the Shino Academy. Currently the two are still very close and Riko is quite proud of what her granddaughter has become.

Miki found out that she had quite a talent for some of the subjects but found some very difficult. Hakuda and in the beginning; zanjutsu. Miki had no prior knowledge of fighting, as she did not live in a particularly crime ridden district. Her first few years she dreaded going to Hakuda practices as she would constantly get knocked down and laughed at or called a weakling. This upset Miki but after a teacher told her she shouldn't sit around and cry but use her weakness as motivation to get stronger to prove others wrong. She would often train by herself after hours to build her strength. Miki really took this to heart and now still is always trying to prove others wrong.

Miki showed promise in shunpo; so much that Miki now can call herself a master. Miki only gained mastery in these techniques through many years of hard work, training, and studying. Although being proficient in most techniques at the time of graduation Miki almost did not graduate from the academy on account of her poor hand to hand skills, she had improved but still really wasn't cut out for it. Even now Miki is only considered a Hakuda Practitioner. Originally Miki had intended on joining the 4th division, I hopes of healing others. But instead decided on the 5th division as she admired what they stood for as well as its gentle atmosphere. It seemed that every member got along well with one another. It was only until she became a shinigami and part of division 5 where Miki realized had to show some hard work and determination if she wanted to excel in the gotei 13 as she only entered the gotei as an unseated member. The structured ranks were very different from what she had experienced in the academy. Eventually she bumped herself up to 12th seat, and learned to release her shikai, which was a plant type much to her delight. It took Miki many, many, years to acquire bankai and until she made it to her current captain rank after the current 5th division captain was killed in battle.


Zanjutsu Master: before one can even think about reaching the position of captain they must have mastered swordsmanship above all else. "All Shinigami Captains are masters, since as the heads of their divisions; they are the true military power of Soul Society." Zanjutsu is Miki's main form of combat and something she feels most comfortable using. Mastery took Miki many years of determination and training almost every day. Although Miki is a master rank zanjutsu user her hits may not pack a strong of a punch as other lower ranking shinigami due to the fact of her small size and little strength. Miki uses her speed and fine-tuned technique to gain the upper hand.

Shunpo Master: To make up for her low physical strength and lack of close range combat Miki's speed is of utmost importance for her to have the upper hand in a fight. Being the small and flighty size she is gives her an upper hand on gaining extreme speeds. She is capable of maintaining high speed movements for extended periods of time while only using the least amount of steps to achieve said movements.

Kido Expert: Miki has a very firm grasp and knowledge of many bakudo, hado, as well as barriers which provides her with defense when her zanpakuto cannot. She can perform a few high ranked spells. Miki has a good memory for memorizing incantations which allows her to remember a high number of kido and utilize them at their highest power as performing a kido without reciting an incantation decreases the power. Miki is constantly coming up with new was to incorporate kido into her fighting and shikai.

Immense spiritual pressure : Miki has fine control over her spiritual power. Miki is able to be as powerful as she is because of her high spiritual pressure. Miki uses her spiritual power to enhance her abilities during combat as well as having the ability to affect the surrounding environment on a controlled level. Miki's high level of spiritual power is essential for her bankai to be completely effective and last long enough in combat. When released Miki's reiatsu is a violet colour.

Fighting style: Miki has a rather smooth and graceful fighting style. Her objective is to make it hard to predict what she might do next. She will flit around and is known to not stay in one spot too long. Miki has very good mobility. Her acrobatics, flexibility and incredible speed make her difficult to hit. She doesn't let herself get too close to her opponent on the chance that they may get a hit in which greatly decreases her fighting power as Miki cannot take a lot of hits. Her zanpakuto provides her with doing best with mid to far range combat.

Miki isn't known to be the best strategist around. Her decisions are usually made quickly and haphazardly. She doesn't take much time to sit back an analyze the situation to gain the upper hand in a fight. She acts on what she thinks of first. She can be creative in her ideas though.


Kitsunehana (Fox Flower) (きつね花)
In sealed state Miki's zanpakuto is a regular sized katana. It has a wooden sword guard with carved flowers in its sealed state and a wrapped purple handle. When released her tsuba turns into a gold pedaled flower, and handle is wrapped in red ribbon which hangs down and has charms at the end during shikai. Her zanpakuto is classified as a flower and plant type and is considered one of the more uncommon zanpakuto types in the soul society.

Kitsunehana somewhat lacks in defensive measures and is best used at long distance offensive although it can offer some protection with practice.  Miki's inner zanpakuto world, where kitsunehana resides is endless rolling fields of Japanese anemones.

Spirit Information:

Appearance: In spirit form Kitsunehana is a small fennec fox. She is mostly white/cream coloured except her ears, tail, and hind legs sprout leaves and flowers. In her more human form kitsunehana appears as a small woman with long wavy cream hair that splits off in two directions with brown eyes. She wears a red Susohiki, a long kind of kimono which trials behind the user. It is accented in floral patterns. She has a large cluster of anemone flowers below her left ear. In physical form Kitusnehana still has her ears and tail.

Personality: Compared to Miki Kitsunehana is much more calm, collected, and a clear thinker. She likes to take the time to think about consequences of things which results in her and Miki butting heads about who has the best decision. She is much more soft spoken than Miki and gives off an air of superiority that can tick Miki off. Kitsunehana will speak her mind, regardless of what anyone else will think. Still, Kitsunehana and Miki usually get along.

Innerworld: Kitsunehana's inner world is vast. Long rolling hills of japanese anemones stretch as far as the eye can see. There is always a constant breeze which rustles the flowers.  

Relationship with wielder: Miki and Kitsunehana have a very good relationship. Kitsunehana is almost like a family member to Miki and is an important teammate. While the two occasionally disagree or butt heads because of their honest personalities they understand each other’s intentions and speak often.



Kitsunehana's shikai command is "Mankai, Kitsunehana" (満開,きつね花 Full Bloom,Kitsunehana)  

Upon command Miki's shikai allows her to fully control four very large anemone flowers. When these flowers are burst into petals they are as sharp as her own sword blade. She may combine them into a cloud or use them separately. When desired the blossoms can also act like homing missiles. If they stick to the opponent they can explode. The stems of the anemones are useful for immobilizing an opponent; if they ever get cut, they'll grow back.  

Blossom impact: The four flowers surround the enemy trapping them. Miki creates four projections of herself, attacking the enemy with thousands of quick strikes and ultimately controlling the opponent from the inside.

When released into bankai Miki's zanpakuto becomes "kaika kuchikukan" (開化 駆逐艦 blooming destroyer).  

Miki's zanpakuto turns into a French style rapier with a blade made purely out of her own highly concentrated reiatsu. It is sharper than any other regular blade and is known to cut through solid matter such as rocks or even other swords. Having a reiatsu blade is physically taxing and even now Miki cannot use her bankai for long drawn out periods.

Kaika Kuchikukan's special ability is the capability to control any plant life in the area.  It works much like Miki's shikai but on a much larger scale with the option to use larger plants such as trees.

Reiatsu beam: Miki rapidly fires beams of reiatsu from her zanpakuto to deal damage to the opponent. Must use her own Reiatsu.

Reiatsu solution: A step up from Miki's reiatsu beam, Miki breaks of several pieces of reiatsu from her blade, concentrating it further so it acts like a bullet. Miki rapidly fires these bullets but the attack allows her to split herself into spiritual energy to hit the opponent herself. Miki will then reform on the other side of who she is fighting. Must use her own reiatsu, can only be used once safely.

Dark seed: A special pollen is emitted from a small reiatsu seed which is produced from her zanpakuto. If breathed in the pollen causes a plant to grow within the host from the inside out. The pollen is invisible and nearly undetectable which makes it one of Kitsunehana's greatest attacks. On the downside, it takes a while for the plant to grow and a fight can potentially end before the plant can destroy the enemy. It will continue to grow though.
somethings changed and updated

I still hate her attack descriptions and think they're hella stupid but I honestly can't think of anything else.

Also there is a big whole basically because Im not sure what to say about Kodamma and all the the stuff with Drazon?? Augh I should ask douuuuuuuug.

Wow!! All brand new format and nicely written! My other one was old and some of the information was now incorrect. I was meaning to do this for a while now. Its way more detailed and just better written IMO.

How did you read the old one lol

Sooo long...this one describes her abilites better but I still feel like im mega poopy at describing attacks

Oh well Pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeassssssssee tell me what you think of this updated version.

Hehe nicked part of the format from :icondrazoniandeath:'s OC profiles.
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I have a bit of a biased, since Miki is one of my favorite Bleach OC's but I'll try to not lavish her and you with praise. but no promises.

I really enjoyed reading about Miki's personality and past, it was just very well done and interesting. A play on a happy go lucky character, that evolved into something more; and looked great doing, Haha XD~

I feel as if near the ending of the "History" section if was a bit rushed, but thats not really an issue.

Miki's Abilities seem quite well rounded, being base around her lack of physical strength and her good mobility. I've always liked her Zanpakuto, its quite interesting (thought I had to look up anemone flowers ^^;) Her bankai is very cool, next to Kyohei a good portion of his attacks would be useless . ^^ I like the changes you made to her zanpakuto, it's become extremely lethal.

The Cute face is decieving, she's f*ck your sh*t up!

To conclude, in my completely biased opinion Miki is a wonderful character, to the untrained eye she might appear a to be a generic Happy airheaded girl, but they'd be wrong. She carries much responsibility on her tiny, already very burdened shoulders(get it cause her boobs :3) but despite that she always tries her best, and still smiles for those she cares about. Not only is she willing to stand up for the weak, but she can also back up anything she says, because she's not just a weak damsel in distress, contrary to her appearence.
I love her, and you're awesome, nuff said.
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